Intermediaries For Sport

Intermediaries For Sport headed by Michael Cook is a sports agency that helps sporting professionals in a number of areas including: Contract negotiations, transfers, sponsorship deals and building media profiles.

In an age where negative stories surround agents, with the perception that agents are only in it for the money and are prone to taking advantage of players. Michael Cook and Intermediaries For Sport are different, they can be trusted. Michael is a fully licensed agent and has big plans for the company in the future. Michael aims to protect young professionals from being taken advantage of from clubs and agents alike. Michael is a qualified lawyer, this gives Michael an edge over the competition. Especially when you take into account that there are very few agents that are also qualified lawyers.

Michael is building a strong set of clients including: Berwick Rangers pair Samuel Perez and Greg Rutherford and Darlington striker Harvey Saunders among others. Michael is a football fan, he is a season ticket holder at Sunderland, the fact that he has a passion for football will help attract future clients. Having spoken with Michael, it is clear he is very driven and determined to be successful with Intermediaries For Sport.

Michael has a great knowledge of football, from boardroom level to what happens on the pitch. His knowledge is proving invaluable and has contributed to his rapid success so far. Younger players unsure of their next step or seeking advice should get in contact with Intermediaries For Sport, they will be in safe hands there, with Michael’s qualifications and knowledge there are very few who can match the level of service provided by Intermediaries For Sport.

Michael is not only focused on football, he hopes to expand to different sports including rugby and cricket. If you are a young sportsman or know of anyone unsure of their next move in the game, Michael and Intermediaries For Sport is the best and only place to contact.

You can contact Intermediaries For Sport through their website:

Follow Intermediaries For Sport on Twitter: @IfSport2016