‘Ballr’ – Sport’s Second Screen

I have come across a fantastic sports gaming app – I would like to share it with my dedicated readers as it has got me hooked, I am sure it will do the same for you too.

Ballr is a live fantasy sports game that allows players to connect, compete and communicate during real-time sporting events. Games are won or lost in a moment. Ballr lets fans play alongside their favourite live sporting event and predict the outcome in real time. Skills are rewarded and champions are made. Founded in 2015 by Sam Jones. Inspired by the phenomenal size of the sports community in the emerging world, Ballr was created to connect the world through live sports. Ballr make sports more accessible, more engaging and more rewarding.

Ballr is a free app based on live football, the app allows you to pick your team as you watch the match. You win points based on your players’ performance. Ballr started in Asia and is now available in multiple countries, Ballr is growing fast and it is easy to see why. Players can win amazing prizes such as tickets to El Classico, with the winners flown to Madrid and given a tour around the Santiago Bernabéu before the game.

Ballr have offices in Singapore, Hong Kong and Moscow. Ballr are certainly making waves in the world of football, they have secured commercial partnerships with some of the worlds biggest clubs as well as La Liga. The prizes that players can win through Ballr are mouth watering, that is just one of the many reasons that this app is fast becoming one of the biggest and best out there.

Over the final few weeks of the season, I plan to show you my journey through the app and give you a greater insight into Ballr. I know a lot of people who enjoy playing the Sky Sports “Six a Side” game, where players choose six players from the two teams competing. Ballr is so much more advanced and I can guarantee that you will be hooked within seconds.

The beauty of Ballr is that it will make the game you are watching so much more exciting, as you have something riding on it. When I place a bet on a game that I am watching, I am so much more involved in the game. Ballr does the same thing, it allows fans to become more involved in the beautiful game.

Ballr is available on IOS and Android, become a part of the millions of players already on Ballr. The future of Ballr is very exciting and I am sure they will grow from strength to strength. Visit http://ballr.com/ for any further details.

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