David Beckham – Setting the record straight

In light of recent headlines about David Beckham, I want to set the record straight about the man himself. As a lifelong football fan I have read all the stories, just like everyone else I have my own opinions. David Beckham has done huge amounts of work for several charities over the course of his career. People seem to be quick to judge him. Recent headlines suggesting Beckham did all of his charity work so he could gain a knighthood are beyond ridiculous.

Over the past ten years David Beckham has played a crucial role in helping UNICEF promote and protect the rights of the world’s most vulnerable children. He has raised global awareness of the dangers children are facing around the world including Ebola, malnutrition and AIDS. David Beckham is one of the founding members of the Malaria No More UK Leadership Council, and a supporter of Help for Heroes, a charity aimed at helping injured service personnel returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. His own charity, the Victoria and David Beckham Charitable Trust, provides wheelchairs to children in need. Beckham has raised millions for charities that have helped so many of the less fortunate across the world.

David Beckham was born with a natural talent for football, a talent that many yearn to have, making the game look effortless at times. His technique was simply incredible,  there are few players who could match Beckham’s qualities as man and a player.

Having looked up to David Beckham growing up, he has always struck me as a humble man who has never forgotten where he came from.  A player who could pick out a pass from anywhere on the pitch, Beckham as a player was truly one of a kind. A great leader on and off the field and an inspiration to many, Beckham is one the best players England has ever produced and one of the worlds elite. The former Manchester United and Real Madrid man appeared 115 times for his country during a glittering career.

During his time with Manchester United, Beckham won six Premier League’s, two FA Cup’s, two Community Shield’s and a UEFA Champions League. The trophies didn’t stop coming for Beckham after he famously left Manchester United for Real Madrid in 2003.  During his time at the Santiago Bernabeu he helped Real win the Supercopa de España in his first season, he also lifted the La Liga trophy with Real at the end of the 2006/2007 season. A player who never left anything out on the pitch, Beckham was a part of the Real Madrid side named “the Galácticos.”

Beckham’s behaviour on and off the field sees him adored by millions. Beckham is recognised almost everywhere he goes which can’t be easy, yet he always stops for photos and signs autographs, he embraces his popularity, perhaps there are times where he doesn’t like it and he will be the first person to accept that. I get a sense that he just wants to live a normal life, that is who he is. He is just a normal guy who just so happened to be extremely talented at something he loves.

It is time that the press stopped hounding David Beckham, he doesn’t deserve it in any way. This is a man who has given so much of his time to charity and to helping people in general. It saddens me when I see good people being dragged down by the press. Beckham doesn’t let many people in for this exact reason. We should all appreciate who David Beckham is as a person and how important he is to so many people. The press trying to tarnish is reputation should be ashamed of themselves, with no hard evidence to go on, some media outlets were so quick to put the supposed leaked emails out there in the public eye.

On the off chance that this will reach David. I would like to thank you for everything you have done for charity and for the sport I love.  On a personal note, you were one of my favourite players growing up, I am not ashamed to say I have Beckham printed on the back of two England shirts.  Your goal against Greece still sends shivers down my spine.  You will continue to be an inspiration of mine and to many others.