Fans need more of a voice

In light of recent events, where Gary Neville called one Arsenal fan an idiot for holding up a banner asking Wenger to leave the club. Whether you think Neville was right or wrong, it got me thinking that fans do need a greater voice in the game. I understood what Neville was saying and fully agreed with his point of view. The pundits comments prompted Arsenal Fan TV to get involved, asking Neville why fans are unable to share their opinions.

There are a number of fan TV channels that can be viewed on a variety of social media outlets. Fan TV channels are an excellent idea as it allows fans to share their views, the problem that occurs with that is, the club will rarely hear the fans’ opinions. Over the years there have been many fan protests over different issues surrounding their club. Recently Blackpool and Blackburn fans participated in a joint protest over the running of their clubs.

Of course some protests are distasteful and shouldn’t be happening, however the majority of them are because the fans are fed up of what is happening with their beloved clubs. Football is a huge part of people’s lives. In a lot of places the football club is the heartbeat of the city, it determines the mood of the place, if the team has won the city is bouncing, if they lose there is a sombre mood floating around.

I watch Match of the Day, Goals on Sunday and Sunday Supplement every week, I listen to the various pundits and journalists giving their views on different topics within football. I keep thinking to myself each week, why can’t fans guest appear on these shows? You could have one fan a week from a different club, they could share their views on their club. I don’t see many negatives to the idea. It is another way of giving fans more of a voice in the game. People have to remember, without fans football is nothing. Fans are crucial to football and a large majority of them have great views on the game. Perhaps some TV networks will think it is too much of a risk to have fans sharing their views. One thing is for sure, if you had a fan on the likes of Match of the Day, you would be offered a real insight into the mood of a club via the fans. The fans would be passionate and entertaining, that would be in such stark contrast in what you see from some pundits, who can be rather dull.

TV networks could even look into setting up a show where fans share their views on a Saturday morning. I feel very strongly that fans should be heard because they are the main stay of a club. The fans are the heart and soul of a football club, players, managers and owners will come and go but the fans will always remain. Fans will continue to pay their hard earned money each week through the good and the bad. This begs the question as to why fans’ opinions are continuously falling on deaf ears.

I wish I had the authority to give the fans a bigger voice. Maybe in the future TV networks will see my point of view – who knows, maybe in a few years I will turn on the TV on a Saturday morning and see fans sharing their opinions on their own TV show.