Sponsorship Opportunity

I am currently on the look out for a sponsor for The Football Fix. In just two months the website has seen an astonishing amount of visitors, something that has completely surpassed my expectations.

The Football Fix continues to grow quickly and I am looking for a sponsor who is preferably in the same field as The Football Fix. Most importantly the potential sponsor must share my passion for football. I have no doubt that The Football Fix will continue to grow, I teamed up with The Football Fix in Australia, who do a weekly podcast. You can listen to their weekly shows right here, on the website. There will be other segments coming to the website in the near future, with the potential of doing a weekly vlog (Video blog). The Football Fix is also available in the Amazon App store, where you can download The Football Fix for free on your mobile or tablet. The potential of The Football Fix is endless, with the right backing and support the sky is certainly the limit.

The Football Fix’s following is not restricted to one country, The Football Fix reaching every part of the world. At the moment the website’s biggest followers are from: UK & Ireland, America, China, Germany and are gaining a strong set of followers throughout Africa.

Going forward, I will continue to produce articles on a consistent basis – In the near future I hope to have a few writers on board, as the website is growing so rapidly, continuing to do it on my own will become challenging.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please take a look through The Football Fix and do not hesitate to contact me if it is something that interests you.