The End of Season Nightmare

As another football season draws to a close, the torture of a few football free months is upon us. No matter how the season has gone for our teams, when the season comes to an end, we automatically start counting down the days until the beginning of the next one.

Those who do not understand the relationship between a fan and their club, will say “It’s only a game”. We all know it’s so much more than that, for the majority of us, the club we support is a way of life. When the season ends, so does our weekly routine of following our club up and down the country, or watching them through our fingers on the TV. There is nothing quite like the nervous excitement of watching our beloved club, the mood swings are incredible. Elation to devastation within minutes, finding something else to take its place is impossible.

We desperately try to find anything that will fill the void left by football, but lets be honest – We never find anything that comes close to matching the experience. The opening of the transfer window provides some form of excitement but rarely gets going until the latter weeks. However, that does not stop us from checking the latest transfer news every five minutes. The release of the fixtures for the new season fills us with the excitement and relief that the wait is almost over.

As the footballing world falls silent, we struggle to find something else to talk about. For around 10 months our conversations had been filled by one topic, football. During the football free months, there is only so much we can talk about, we can reflect on the previous season, predict the outcome of the upcoming campaign and dream about ambitious signings. We quietly think to ourselves, what life must have been like without the beautiful game.

Unfortunately this summer, fans do not even have the Euro’s or World Cup to enjoy. It really is a football free zone for a few months, last year we had the comfort of the Euro’s to get us through this torrid time, next year we will have the World Cup. As much as some fans will say “I can’t wait for the season to be over”. The same fans will say “I can’t wait for the season to start”, after a few short football free weeks. When pre-season begins, we ask ourselves how we got through those last few months. Pre-season gives us the chance to see any new signings our club have bought, it is also a stress free time, with nothing riding on the games, we can actually sit back and enjoy the game.

We long to hear the tune of our favourite football show, whether it’s Match of the Day or Goals on Sunday. We crave to see Jeff Stelling and the Soccer Saturday boys getting up to their usual antics. The weekends are just not the same without football.

As we approach the final few weeks of the season, I hope you can find something that can in some way fill the void left by your team.

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