The Football Fix – How We Got Here

As the The Football Fix continues to surpass my expectations, with visitors from all over the world in a few short months – I thought it would be a good idea to share with my readers why The Football Fix was created.

I have always been a lover of sport, but the sport I love the most is football and always has been. It has always been a dream of mine to be involved in football in some capacity, I was not good enough and probably not confident enough to make it as a player. I had started to convince myself that a career in football would never happen, so I pursued other avenues. In the end graduating from Southampton Solent University with a degree in International Tourism Management. I have always struggled to identify what I am actually good at, partly due to my lack of confidence, I think maybe now I have found it.

Last year I moved to the Netherlands, having been made redundant and struggled to find a new job, I decided to do something that would stop myself from going crazy and give myself a break from applying for hundreds of jobs each week. I have always known that I have strong opinions on football, I am never afraid to share them either, so why not share them with the world?

I decided to start a football website, after becoming frustrated on the job front it was clear to me that I needed something to keep me busy. I thought to myself “What do I know? What am I good at? What do I enjoy?” the answer was football. After a lot of research and many hours of trying to think of the perfect name, with input from my family – The Football Fix was created. I had quite low expectations, as I was unsure of the reaction the website would get having had no writing experience before. However, it has surpassed everything. Within a month The Football Fix had reached 1000 visitors, something I thought would take at least four or five months to achieve. The Football Fix has given me a purpose and a reason to be hopeful. With job prospects looking fairly slim, who knows maybe this is the way forward for me now. I have enjoyed writing every single article – Even if it was after a bad result for my beloved Newcastle United.

I am very grateful to every single one of you, who have taken the time to read the articles I have published over the last few months. The Football Fix is now in a position of trying to find a sponsor for the site, a stage I thought I would never get to, that is down to my readers so thank you. I have proved to myself that you can do anything if you really want it to work.

Being unemployed is very hard to cope with when there are bills to pay, it is important to stay as positive as possible – That can be an impossible task at times. It is also important to keep busy, if you just apply for jobs all the time you will become deflated, that is exactly what happened to me. Although The Football Fix is a long way from paying the bills, but at least it gives me the chance to build up my experience and keep my confidence high.

I would like to thank you all again for taking the time to read my articles. If I can do it – So can you.