African Community Side – Pilikwe United

The Football Fix is not just about providing news regarding teams in the bigger leagues around Europe, we have strong ambitions – One of which is to make a difference. Football in Africa is huge, that is highlighted to the rest of the world when the African Cup of Nations hits out TV screens. African football has produced a number of fantastic players including, Yaya and Kolo Toure, Didier Drogba, Samuel Eto’o, Obafemi Martins, Michael Essien and Sadio Mane to name a handful.

When I set up this website, it was with a view to being different to all the other football news websites. Last month an African community side got in contact with me and asked if I could help them raise the profile of the club, that club was Pilikwe United:

Pilikwe United is a subsidy of Pilikwe United Sporting LTD, which was formed to provide a platform for football development and talent identification in the Tswapong region of Botswana. I hope that the club can benefit from being mentioned on The Football Fix, the main hope being: Attracting more supporters to Pilikwe and helping the club become more known in their region.

Weekly or monthly updates will be given to my loyal readers regarding the progress made by Pilikwe United, and the work being done to help the club. In the near future there will be a donations page set up in a bid to generate funds for Pilikwe, they can then use those funds to improve their facilities etc. Hopefully people will really get on board and help the club achieve their goals, football can really make a difference no matter where or at what level it is played.

I look forward to giving update son the progress made by the club and the work being done to help them achieve their goals.

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