Everyone Has Something to Say About Newcastle United

For a while now there has appeared to be an anti-Newcastle trend. With many quick to share their ridiculous opinions about the club.

In a week where we have heard former Newcastle player Craig Bellamy, share his thoughts about the club, along with a failed former manager in Tim Sherwood. Why is it that everyone in the game has something to say about Newcastle United? Bellamy should know better, having played for the club – He should know how special it is and how lucky he was to play in front of passionate Geordies each week. Unfortunately, Bellamy has not grown out of his ridiculous behaviour as a player. Bellamy claimed Newcastle fans only sing when the club are winning, it appears Bellamy has not become any smarter as a pundit.

We then had a number of media outlets speculating about Rafael Benitez’s future AGAIN. I say that in capitals because it has been the same story for a good 5 or 6 months now. The papers continue to link Benitez to the West Ham job. The tenuous link is that, Benitez held positive talks with West Ham before he took over at Real Madrid. Newcastle United fans are unfairly on edge due to the amount of false reports in the media, most of the articles written are made to sound like Benitez has one foot out the door already, which is just plain wrong.

We have had Jamie Carragher talking about Benitez’s future. On Monday night we had former manager Alan Pardew sharing his opinions about the club. It is never ending.

As a Newcastle fan myself I am sick of people twisting things regarding Newcastle United. Numerous people had a lot of fun with the HMRC raid report. Many stating that Newcastle would be docked points, which is well wide of the mark. Unfortunately for us Newcastle fans, people apparently have nothing better to do than talk about our club. Instead of worrying about their own clubs, they all take a wild opinion and repeat until they believe it to be true.

In regards to Rafael Benitez’s future, he is set to hold talks with Mike Ashley in the coming weeks. Benitez signed a three year deal last summer, with assurances of having full control of football related matters. There has been a lot made about Newcastle’s apparent lack of investment in January, yes the club failed to sign any players, however, Newcastle would have signed Andros Townsend if it weren’t for Crystal Palace’s ridiculous demands. Mike Ashley knows Rafael Benitez can bring success to Newcastle United, with the money in the Premier League now, Ashley knows how important it is for a club to stay in the division. The Newcastle United owner will not do anything to jeopardise the clubs Premier League status.

Any fellow Newcastle fans reading this should know, Rafael Benitez is happy at the club and wants to stay. Maybe in time people who do not understand the club will keep their opinions to themselves. Speculation will always surround a world class manager like Benitez, it does not mean he is on the verge of leaving Newcastle. It just means he is doing a fantastic job at the club.

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