Bradley Lowery – The Brave Boy Who Has United Football

Five year old Bradley Lowery has united football fans everywhere during his battle with cancer. Lowery, who says his best friend is Jermaine Defoe – The young Sunderland fan’s life changed when he was diagnosed with neuroblastoma on January 7th 2013 after a tumour was found above his left kidney.

Bradley beat the disease once, however he tragically relapsed after a period in remission last year. Bradley’s family have been desperately raising funds in a bid to get the five year old to the USA for life saving treatment. They achieved their goal, reaching £700,000 to get Bradley to America, the football community helped them reach the amount, Everton football club donated £200,000 to help Bradley.

Unfortunately doctors told Bradley’s family that the cancer had become terminal. Bradley has been receiving treatment – which is not yet available on the NHS, at Newcastle’s Royal Victoria Infirmary, rather than having to take the long journey to America. Bradley is the first patient in the UK to receive the £35,000 treatment that combines chemo with an antibody to zap the cancer cells.

Bradley has led his beloved Sunderland out on several occasions this season, walking on to the pitch hand in hand with his idol and best friend – Jermaine Defoe. The brave youngster has really warmed the hearts of the football community, there has been a lot of support for Bradley, his huge smile has warmed the hearts of many.

Any money that does not go towards Bradley’s treatment will go to the Bradley Lowery Foundation, to support others battling the condition. On March 26th, Bradley led England out at Wembley with Jermaine Defoe, a really touching moment. There are a lot of bad things said about football players and football in general, however this brave little boy has united the football family. Days after leading England out, a heartbroken Bradley had to cancel a visit from Jermaine Defoe because he was too ill. A tweet read: Brad is poorly he even cancelled a visit from his best friend @IAmJermainDefoe as he didn’t want him to see him poorly to hear him say that.” Sadly, Bradley’s parents received devastating news that the pioneering treatment Bradley had been receiving, had failed.

Bradley has been so brave throughout his treatment and has really touched football fans everywhere. Keep fighting Bradley, the football family is always with you.

You can donate to the Bradley Lowery Foundation here: