Problems Continue at Arsenal

Crystal Palace heaped even more pressure on Arsenal and Arsene Wenger, as they comfortably beat a tame Arsenal side 3-0.

Arsene Wenger is yet to decide on his future at the club, a situation that is clearly impacting on the players. The performance of the Arsenal players last night was nothing short of atrocious. Unfortunately for Arsenal fans it has been that way for some time now. Wenger is responsible for Arsenal’s downfall, however he is not solely to blame. The players have let him down time and time again, it is becoming quite clear that they do not want to play for him any longer.

A change is needed at the Emirates, the fact that the club are not taking any action is baffling. How the owners can simply sit back and watch the club go on like this is beyond me. Wenger has dedicated over twenty years to the club, he has worked miracles – Though it is time that the Wenger era comes to an end. A few months ago there was a definite split among Arsenal fans, there were some who wanted the Frenchman to remain at the club and some who wanted him to leave. Now you get the impression that more fans want change at the club.

I admire what Wenger has done for Arsenal over the years, the problem is – Wenger has failed to adapt and change the way the sport itself has. Sam Allardyce said that Arsenal were exposed last night, in my opinion they have been exposed for a long time now. The opposition continuously find Arsenal out, partly due to Wenger’s refusal to change.

It has been suggested a number of times that Alexis Sanchez is the only player that tries. The Chilean is a fantastic player, you can see his frustration when things aren’t going well for the team. Sanchez is not in the clear by a long shot, every single player has let Wenger down this season. Sanchez tends to go missing in games and still needs to find consistency.

I have said many times before (not just this season) Arsenal lack leaders. If you look through the squad that Wenger has, you would do well to identify more than one or two leaders in that dressing room. Whoever is in charge in the summer, the squad needs a massive clear out. It is no wonder they find themselves so far off the pace for the league and now the top four. The squad is simply not good enough, there is a complete lack of passion in the Arsenal ranks. Arsenal need players in the same ilk as Vieira, Adams and Keown. Players who will stand up and be counted when it really matters, players who care about the club and have the drive and fight to drag the club out of a bad situation. I do not see players like that in the current Arsenal side.

Wenger should do what is best for the club and announce that this season will be his last. If the uncertainty continues, more fans will turn their back on the Frenchman and his reputation will be tarnished, something that would be a great shame.

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