Rooney Criticism Unfair

Wayne Rooney has been in the limelight since he scored for Everton against Arsenal all those years ago. With Rooney’s agent now travelling to China to strike a deal with a club, I feel it is wrong to write Rooney off.

Wayne Rooney is England’s and Manchester United’s record goalscorer. Despite this, the Englishman is under constant scrutiny. A man who leaves nothing on the pitch – giving 100% every 90 minutes he plays. Of course he is not the same player he was when he first burst on the scene. No player remains the same, they must adapt as they get older. This is what Rooney has done, he has adapted, moving further back into midfield. It astounds me every time I hear someone criticise Rooney.

The problem Wayne is finding this year is that he isn’t getting a proper run of games. Every player needs 4 or 5 games to really get back up to speed, Rooney hasn’t had much of a chance this season for Manchester United. Mourinho is phasing the United captain out, just like he did in his second spell in charge at Chelsea, where he phased out Ashley Cole and Frank Lampard. The England captain has had a few injuries this season, which is bound to effect him. The people who judge him should actually watch Wayne play for the whole game, just keep your eyes fixed on him – maybe people will start to realise how much work he actually does for the team.

It may well be time for Rooney to leave Old Trafford, though moving to China is not the answer, in my opinion Rooney still has a few years left at the very top. The England captain may not be scoring goals at the moment, that doesn’t mean he isn’t playing well for the team. In fact Rooney has set up a team-mate once every two games.

Rooney has assisted Zlatan Ibrahimovic more times than any other Manchester United player this season. I feel Rooney is often made a scapegoat for both club and country when things aren’t going to plan. There is a lot more to Rooney’s game than his goals. When Wayne does make the decision to leave Old Trafford, I am sure the negativity towards him will fade away. People will start to realise what a world class player he really is.

The famous saying of “You’ll miss me when I’m gone” fits perfectly with Wayne Rooney.