Sunderland Relegated

Sunderland’s inevitable relegation from the Premier League came yesterday, as the slumped to a 1-0 defeat at the hands of Bournemouth. The club have been flirting with relegation for a number of seasons, this was the campaign where it finally caught up with them.

When David Moyes was appointed, Sunderland fans were optimistic for the future. However, their ten year stay in the Premier League has now come to an end. I have said on many occasions this season, the club cannot afford to be relegated. Their are doubts over the owner and his commitment to the club, will he back the manager to overhaul a poor squad and turn it in to one worthy of a promotion push next season? It seems doubtful at this stage. Whether it is Moyes in charge or someone else, the task in hand is huge. Normally when a team gets relegated, there are a handful of players at the club that can help gain promotion the following season. At Sunderland that is far from the case, with Jermaine Defoe more than likely to leave in the summer, you take a look at the squad and the only stand out player is their goalkeeper, Jordan Pickford.

Sunderland will need massive investment in the summer, especially if they have any hope of gaining promotion next season. The Championship is a long hard slog, for a team to succeed in the division, it has to full of players with fight, grit and determination. If you look across that Sunderland side at the moment, you do not see any of those characteristics.

The owner must think long and hard as to whether David Moyes is the right man to lead Sunderland next season. You can throw a lot of money at a squad, which is what is needed at Sunderland, however it needs to be invested wisely. If you make the wrong decisions in the transfer window, it will cost a team a chance of promotion, simple as that. Aston Villa spent a lot of money when they were relegated last season, they will be in the Championship for at least another season, due to the fact the money was not invested in the team correctly.

The defeat against Bournemouth yesterday saw Sunderland’s lowest attendance of the season. With one more home game left before the end of the season the club need the fans now more than ever. It remains to be seen who will be in charge of the club when the transfer window reopens, whoever it is they have a mammoth rebuilding job on their hands.

Looking at the bottom three as it stands, you would say Swansea are the only team out of the three, capable of bouncing straight back up. The two North East sides need a huge overhaul. Sunderland have too much deadwood in the squad. The owner must take responsibility for the state of the club, not only the performance of the team this season but over the course of the last two or three. Sunderland have been very lucky to escape relegation in previous couple of seasons, the fact that the squad had not really been improved is baffling.

If the club do not invest heavily in the summer, Sunderland fans will be in for a long and torturous season in the Championship. The division is ruthless, club play twice a week for much of the season, that is without the FA and League Cup. A team must be well equipped to handle the demands of the Championship, the Sunderland owner must make sure they are or face the consequences.

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