The impossible dream turning into a nightmare for Leicester City

Leicester City slumped to yet another defeat in the Premier League yesterday afternoon.  This time it was at the hands of Swansea.  There have been calls in recent weeks for Ranieri to be sacked, Leicester City’s owner gave the manager his full backing during the week, but wouldn’t have liked what he saw yesterday. It was clear from the very first minute of the game that Swansea had a lot more fight than Leicester.  Swansea played with confidence and were rarely troubled by the champions.

This is a side who surprised the world last season in winning the league. Leicester now face the stark reality of being relegated a season later. Not since Manchester City nearly eighty years ago have the champions been relegated the following season. Leicester are in free fall at the moment, I feel really sorry for Ranieri, the players don’t seem to care. The players need to wake up and fast, if they didn’t realise they were in a relegation dog fight yesterday, I don’t think they ever will. The players’ reputations will be tarnished if they get relegated, it will be with them forever.  Relegation this season will take away from the incredible achievement of last season.

It seems like there is no life left in this Leicester side, they are sleep walking to the Sky Bet Championship. If Leicester fall into the Championship, this team with the way they are playing at the minute would find it very difficult to go straight back up. If Leicester didn’t win the league last season, everyone would be thinking that this is where Leicester should be, just above the relegation zone. Last season was such a freak season where every single Leicester player played out of their skins.  With winning the title last season, this brings so much more expectation, these players aren’t that good, they are average players. These players don’t seem to be able to handle the expectation, that is a major part of the problem.

Jamie Vardy was absolutely outstanding last season, he was running defenders ragged.  This season however, he looks a shadow of the player of last season.  Vardy needs to think he is playing in the lower leagues again, he needs to get into the mind set he was in last season of fighting for every ball. Arsene Wenger must be thinking he has got away with one, the Vardy of this season would struggle to get in Arsenal’s second team. Of course it’s not just Vardy’s fault. Where have Mahrez, Drinkwater, Morgen, Huth and Fuchs been all season?  These players were phenomenal last season. When they played Manchester United just over a week ago, Leicester players were just walking on the pitch as the game was coming to a close.  Fans pay good money to watch their team, the least they deserve is to see their team put in some effort.

It is about time that the players got some criticism, recently it seems to be Ranieri getting all the blame for Leicester’s poor season.  Ranieri can’t be on the pitch himself – although he will probably feel he could do a better job! Ranieri can coach the players during the week, give them the instructions needed to try and win games. It is not the fault of the manager when the players aren’t following the game plan. Every single one of those Leicester City players owe Ranieri.  If it wasn’t for Leicester and Ranieri those players would never have been able to get a Premier League winner medal.

Ranieri may have been too loyal to the players who won the league last season, maybe now he has realised that these players aren’t going to change their mentality. Out of the teams fighting relegation, Hull look transformed under new manager Marco Silva, as do Swansea under Paul Clement, Middlesbrough tend to keep it tight at the back – I believe they will just be safe.  Then you have Sunderland and Crystal Palace, both sides look like favourites to be relegated this season. The last relegation place looks likely to be Leicester City’s, Hull and Swansea will be safe, they both have new manager’s who have instilled a lot of confidence in their teams.

This will be a tough read for Leicester fans, they must now face the harsh reality that they could well be a Championship side next season.  Leicester fans should be making The King Power stadium a fortress like they did last season, the stadium was always rocking – now you can hear a pin drop.  Yes the players have to step up, but the fans can play a part too. One of the things I loved about their incredible season last year was that everyone was united.  The club, players, manager and fans were all together with the same goal. That made The King Power such a tough place to go, now the opposition aren’t fearful of going there and getting a result.

Leicester made history last season, it now looks like they are about to make history again this season – for all the wrong reasons.