Wenger’s Problems Deepen

Arsenal’s chances of finishing in the top four took another blow over the weekend, as the Gunners lost 3-1 away from home to West Brom. Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger said after the game that he has made a decision over his future. However Wenger did not say what that decision was, he looked like a broken man when he was giving his press-conference, Wenger needs to resolve the situation regarding his future. With everything up in the air, it is causing friction between the fans and the atmosphere is not good for the players.

It is quite clear that the Arsenal players are not playing for Wenger. Similar to the Leicester players downing tools on Ranieri earlier in the season, a change in manager may be a good thing. It is a difficult decision for Wenger, he has been at the club for over twenty years, given everything to the club – It is certainly hard to walk away from that. However he must do what is right for the club.

There were reports in Germany that Arsenal were in talks with Thomas Tuchel to replace Wenger. Those reports were denied by the club. Although I respect Arsene Wenger and his achievements, he should not be the one that decides his future. If the club do not feel Arsene Wenger can take the club any further then they should replace him in the summer.

The problem I have is that none of the players seem to be taking responsibility. Arsene Wenger takes all the flack, the players have let the Frenchman down massively this season. The Gunners are in danger of finishing outside of the Champions League places for the first time since the 1996/97 season. They find themselves in sixth place in the Premier League table, six points behind fourth-placed Liverpool, albeit with two games in hand, after a run of form which has seen them lose four of their last five league games.

It is quite painful to watch the ongoing situation at Arsenal. At the weekend we saw to banners flown over the Hawthorns, one in favour for the manager and one wanting Wenger to leave. The friction between the fans is not good, everyone should be pulling in the same direction. Wenger must come out and tell everyone what his plans are, the club cannot allow this to drag on any further. Whatever his decision, his future needs to be resolved quickly, once resolved everyone will know where they stand. Wenger is the clubs most successful manager – that shouldn’t mean he’s above criticism but it should raise him above the low criticism we’re seeing for him at the moment. I understand the Arsenal fans’ frustrations but it’s painful for football people to watch what’s going on there.

Surely both Arsene and the club know that the decision must be out in the open in the very near future.