When Will They Learn?

Leicester City are currently working with UEFA to investigate fan trouble in Madrid. The club want to establish the full facts of the disturbances involving Leicester fans.

The away fans were involved in clashes with local police on Tuesday evening and Wednesday afternoon before Leicester’s 1-0 defeat to Atletico Madrid. A total of ten Leicester fans were arrested for public disorder before the game. An initial group of eight fans were detained in one of Madrid’s tourist hotspots, Plaza Mayor on Tuesday night, after clashes left three policeman and two fans injured.

On Wednesday, police confirmed two more supporters were detained after Leicester fans started throwing bottles and breaking furniture in Plaza Mayor.

It begs the question, when will the stupidity of fans end? It is scenes like this, that give England fans a bad reputation, it punishes those who actually behave themselves abroad. I do not understand why some fans behave like this, surely they must have an ounce of intelligence that tells them it is wrong. Just once it would be nice to see news reports of English fans behaving abroad.

We have been here before so many times, it is hard to get in their minds, how they think, how they behave, what their intentions are. We saw it last month during the international break, England travelled to Germany. There were a section of England fans booing the German national anthem, also the booing of Lukas Podolski’s speech. During that game some England fans were singing unsavoury songs towards their German counterparts.

There has to be a way to stop fans that cause the trouble from attending games. It has gone on for far too long now and I am sick of reading or hearing about disturbances of English fans abroad. I thought we had started to move away from that side of things now, but with the England game last month and now with the Leicester fans, it is clear we haven’t. There are efforts being made by the official England fans club and by the FA to stamp this sort of thing out, however it still occurs all to regularly.

It would be great if English fans went abroad and showed off the best of their culture, instead of the darker side that is seen far too often. It is embarrassing to see it happening, this isn’t the example that fans should be setting to the younger generation. The fans that cause the trouble are definitely old enough and wise enough to know better.

I just hope that we do not hear of anything like this again for a long time. Unfortunately I do not see that happening, extra steps must be made to stop the fans that cause the trouble from attending.

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