Writing on The Wall For Arsene Wenger

Let’s be honest, even the most optimistic of Arsenal fans would not have expected Arsenal to go through to the quarter finals last night. However, it is the manner in which Arsenal folded over the two legs that have left fans asking questions of their manager.

Arsenal went down to ten men last night. It was not even close to being a red card, however that was the referee’s decision. It does not mean that the players should just lay down the moment the decision goes against them. As soon as I saw the red card for Laurent Koscielny, I said Arsenal would be on the end of a hiding, that is just the way they are at the moment. Arsenal’s 5-1 defeat last night was there heaviest defeat at the Emirates and their biggest defeat at home since November 1998.

The thing that bugs me is, we saw the sacking of Claudio Ranieri at Leicester recently because it was clear the players were not playing for the manager. The same can be said for those Arsenal players, they are certainly not playing for Arsene Wenger. I am a huge believer that players should take a lot of the blame and not just the manager. Managers are always the ones that take the fall, the player get away with it every time.

There are some things you just can’t forgive in football. When Alexis Sanchez was substituted, he sat on the bench laughing, laughing? Sanchez gifted Bayern their second goal, not long after that he was hauled off. Now, I’m not an Arsenal fan – however seeing Sanchez laughing on the bench whilst watching his team fall apart is disgraceful. Sanchez angered me, there is no doubting his ability but for me his behaviour last night was unforgivable. If I was in Sanchez’s position I would want to give everything to rectify the problem. If that’s his attitude, then I understand Wenger’s decision to name him on the bench last weekend.

I am not defending Wenger’s tactics – which were baffling last night. Arsenal were holding a high line while down to ten men and were not willing to press. It was a recipe for disaster, the Gunners ended up conceding five goals in thirty minutes. When Arsenal think things are going against them, the players seem to just give up. That team lacks leaders and a bit of character. Arsenal need a real leader on the pitch, a Patrick Vieira type player, or dare I say it even a Roy Keane. The teams needs that fiery character in the dressing room to get everyone pulling in the same direction. At the moment, very few of those players seem care. I don’t think any of those players can stand in front of a mirror and say “I have given my all”. Whoever is in charge of the club next season, whether it is Wenger or someone else, the squad needs a huge clear out.

If Wenger came out today and decided not to be in charge next season, I believe the mood around the club would change in a good way. Right now there seems to be quite a toxic atmosphere. I think if Wenger came out and said he was stepping down at the end of the season, his reputation would still be intact, the longer this drags on the more Wenger’s reputation will suffer.

Wenger looks like a man who has ran out of ideas, a fresh approach is needed at the club.